My Mistake--Possibly

I thought that the use of X-Mail anonymous mail systems became obsolete nearly a decade ago when it became easy--and free--to set up an email account under any identity one cared to invent. Imagine my surprise, then, to get email routed to my inbox through, surely one of the quaintest of the surviving systems. I think they should change their name to, but I'm willing to bet good money they won't do it.

Anyway, my anonymous tipster informs me that it simply is not true that "virtually all" of the graduate students in philosophy here at OU think Republicans are either stupid or evil. So much for my fantasy that nobody really reads this blog. Anyway, this source claims that upwards of a third of them don't think so at all. Perhaps my source is not fully aware of the meaning of "virtually"--it's hard to tell from an anonymous source but it may very well be that my correspondent is one these very graduate students. That would explain two things at once.

Now ordinarily I don't put much stock in anonymous tips, since people who are afraid to say who they are often don't have anything worthwhile to say, like who they are. But I will confess that my original count was based on the profile of the students during the last election, and we do, of course, have several new students this year, some of whom I haven't even met, so I was way out of line to try to fool people into thinking that "virtually all" means the same thing as "literally all", and I apologize for my deception.

Don't forget that, logically at least, the truth of "p OR q" does not exclude the possibility of the truth of "p AND q", and I did vote Republican. So perhaps I'm stupid AND evil, rather than merely stupid OR evil.


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