God is Love

The Pope issued his first encyclical today, "Deus caritas est." See the stories at CNT, NPR, and the BBC. The Latin text is available at the Vatican website; Zenit has an English translation.


T. said…
Dr. Carson,

Reading through your earlier posts, I wanted to express my admiration for your Fall 2005 Philosophy 101 class. I earned a D+ and take complete responsibility for it. You made Philosophy 101 exponentially more interesting than I'd expected, and I always enjoyed your recalcitrant profanities and sagacious eloquence-----instead of looking at your notes every ten seconds like many professors, you spoke like a God of Philosophy. You also related the text to modern events without being preachy-----I personally think its essential that professors retain a nebulous perspective. Many of my peers agree. So for every ignoramus who derides your teaching style, there's always someone to support it.

-T. Speaker
Scott Carson said…

Thanks for your encouraging words! If I could give grades based on proper attitude, I'd give you an A+, not because you liked my class, but because it sounds as though you are intellectually curious, and that's the most important thing. Don't be afraid to try other philosophy courses!

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