Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mini Darwin

I'm afraid that in all of my pouting and rambling of late I've completely neglected paying any attention to the truly miraculous: the birth of a new baby to the DarwinCatholics. I feel particuarly bad about this neglect because, although I don't know them personally, the Darwins have been very kindly towards me and my blog, acting as though it's actually worth reading. In addition, as I read their blog, not only on religious and political topics, but just about their overall home life, I feel that they are genuinely kindred spirits, and I wish that I did know them personally. That new baby is lucky to have found such a good home.

Anyway, a happy and heartfelt congratulations to them, and my warmest prayers:

Et pax Dei, quae exsuperat omnem sensum, custodiet corda vestra et intellegentias vestras in Christo Iesu. Philippians 4.7.

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Darwin said...

Thanks, Scott.

Indeed, she too seems to think she's pretty lucky, as she's a pretty impressively quiet and well behaved little creature. That, so she simply feels her sisters are making all the noise necessary at the moment.