My 2006 Tour

Today I played in my first trumpet recital. The recital was a function of the Athens Community Music School, a service branch of the Ohio University School of Music. I would say that, on average, I was about 35 years older than the other performers, most of whom played either piano or violin. A flautist was scheduled but he was a no-show. The piano was a regular grand piano, but those were some of the tiniest little violins I had ever seen. One little boy was accompanied by a strange, plinking little piano sound coming from a boom box they had set next to him on the stage. The boom box was almost as big as he.

My trumpet was of an ordinary size, but my performance was tiny, lasting all of two minutes. Since I've been learning out of Arban, the method book of 1864 that I mentioned not too long ago, the pieces that I played were not exactly taken from contemporary culture. I played one called "The Song of Master Adam" and one called "Noel Ancien" (one of several pieces of the same name in Arban). I'm sure they were huge hits during the Gilded Age. Some folks in the audience clapped politely, and Olivia yelled out "Yay daddy!"

Afterwards I walked across campus to the main auditorium to listen to Ohio University's slightly older Jazz bands. They were absolutely fantastic, and it gave me something to work towards.


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