When Pontificating is a Good Thing

Fr. Kimel has an excellent post up at Pontifications about Jonathan Bonomo's account of the Calvinist view of the Real Presence. As usual, the writing is clear, concise, thoughtful, charitable, and orthodox. I would say that, in general, Pontifications is one of the best religious blogs I have seen.

Adding to the overall value of the blog is the generally high quality of the comments posted there (with the exception of the one or two hounds I put up over there myself). I know of several clergy and philosophers who comment there regularly. I am sometimes at a loss as to what to make of all the activity in the blogosphere--sometimes it seems more than a little self-indulgent. But in the long run I think we are all better off, if we are willing and able to read with a critical eye, thanks to folks like Fr. Kimel, Mike Liccione, Fr. Freeman, and the others who contribute to Pontifications in one way or another. They also steadfastly refuse to blogroll me as further proof of their good sense.


Pontificator said…
Thanks, Scott, for the gracious compliment.

My blogroll probably numbers over a hundred blogs. Be assured that my aggregator picks up every new article that you post on your blog.

I probably should just delete the blogs that are listed in my sidebar, since they are only a small portion of the blogs that I read.

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