Mohr on MacIntyre on Stein

Two books about Edith Stein by Alasdair MacIntyre get "thumbs up" from Eric Mohr of Duquesne University (quondam universitatis ohioensis) at The Charioteer. MacIntyre is perhaps best known for his work in communitarian moral theory, a brand of ethics that traces its lineage back through Saint Thomas Aquinas to Aristotle and Plato. (He was teaching at Duke when I was a graduate student there; he was the only professor to assign a Greek text [the OCT of the Nicomachean Ethics] as the basic textbook for a course.) The books are Edith Stein: A Philosophical Prologue 1913-1922 (Rowman and Littlefield 2005), and Edith Stein: The Philosophical Background (The Origin and Development of her Thought) (Continuum 2006) and, as Eric notes, the titles suggest that there is more to come. One hopes that there is Mohr to come as well from that excellent blog.

Sorry about that. I'm up to my ears in grading of final papers, and one gets a little giddy.


Rick said…
Both the books that he lists are actually the same book, one a UK and the other a US edition. MacIntyre writes as if there will be another book on Stein, but in the searching the web I have not yet been able to ascertain if there will be one. I certainly hope so, this one did 2 things for me: 1) Gave me a better understanding of the Continental tradition, and 2) Provided a bridge between Analytical and Continental traditions, espeicially helpful with understanding "intentionality".

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