Varieties of Scientific Experience

Regular readers know that I defend a version of anti-realism in science that I believe to be absolutely inevitable for the Christian (or indeed any sort of theist). On my view, the Christian must be only locally empiricist and materialist when it comes to the nature of scientific knowledge. On this sort of a view, contemporary scientific theories are assessed not in terms of their literal truth or falsity, but in terms of their instrumental value. Hence it is never a question whether a particular scientific theory excludes or is consistent with any variety of theism.

For a very different, but also very interesting, alternative to my own view, I invite my readers to have a look at Dr. Michael Liccione's latest post on God and Evolution, at his blog Sacramentum Vitae. In addition to outlining his own view, he also give a precis of the views of, among others, Avery Cardinal Dulles and Francis Collins. Very interesting and enjoyable reading.


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