Sunday, March 23, 2008

Plus ça Change....

An interesting interview with a Bishop.

Of course, he was an Episcopalian.

HT: Maverick Philosopher.


John Farrell said...

Gotta love those hard-nosed Anglicans, huh?

DimBulb said...

Is it just me or did that guy look a little like Father Raymond Brown and sound a lot like Father John Meier?

Nate Bostian said...

Wow. Where did you dig that up from?

Despite our debate on my blog, I would hope that we would agree that our disagreement is of a qualitatively different nature than the heresy of Bishop Pike.

Scott Carson said...


For sure! I think we're probably closer on most issues than our debate over metaphysics would suggest. I was once an Anglican myself, and if you're interested you can learn a lot about my conversion by looking around on my blog; in particular, I would recommend my entry called A Tale of Two Bishops as a starting place.

I had a friend who always used to say, about the Eucharist, "don't worry about how it happens--it happens!" I think that's true, actually, and that all metaphysical speculation is purely metaphorical, a search, via analogical reasoning, for a mode of understanding to give further shape to what we profess to believe by faith.