Continuing Lefevbrists

If Anglicans who sign the CCC are struggling to find a way to remain distinctively Anglican, one can only imagine the difficulties the Society of Saint Pius X will have maintaining anything like an identity worth maintaining. According to a story at, members of the schismatic group are not satisfied with BXVI's motu proprio allowing wider use of the so-called "Tridentine Rite" form of the Mass, because the guy "still supports the reforms of the Second Vatican Council".

So, before any kind of "reunification" can occur, apparently, VCII will have to be scrapped. In short, reunification is formally impossible, as far as these guys are concerned. If VCII were "scrapped" in the way required by SSPX, that would signal the end of the teaching authority of Ecumenical Councils and, hence, the Catholic Church as it has existed since the Council of Jerusalem. So either VCII is retained, in which case SSPX stays out; or VCII is scrapped, in which case SSPX is still out, because they will have reunified themselves with something other than the Roman Catholic Church.

So long, SSPX! Enjoy the bizarre world of Catholic Protestantism.


PT said…
"So long, SSPX! Enjoy the bizarre world of Catholic Protestantism."

For some reason, I found that really funny. Although this is really a sad situation. The lines are drawn. They will never reunite with the Church (let's not get into the "but they *are* part of the Church. They're not in schism, they only committed a schismatic act" business).
Roland said…
I have sometimes described "Catholics" of this type as those who believe the full truth of Catholicism held sway only from Vatican I until Vatican II.
Mark D. said…
Well said! Sometimes I think John Henry Newman's Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine should be mandatory reading for every CCD class. Perhaps, tough reading for the youngins, but at least they'll be familiar with the concept of the proper development of doctrine. Sometimes I wonder if the SSPX types aren't just reactions against the Catholics that go the extreme other way and think every doctrine can and should develop (i.e. change) exactly as they think it should, which just happens to be in tune with the current modern mood.

Balance, people! Balance!
Padre Steve said…
I suppose this is what we might have expected from them. It is still sad since there is no future for them really. Let's pray that they come home to Rome! I enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work! God bless! Padre Steve, SDB

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