Single Issue?

DarwinCatholic has an excellent post up about what would be involved in supporting a candidate who is pro-choice in today's electoral mix.
However, it seems to me that in discussing the upcoming election, several Catholics in public and intellectual life (Kmiec very much among them) have attempted to make the case that one should support Obama not despite his stand on abortion, but rather because an Obama administration will be able to make progress towards a more truly pro-life society in a way that recent Republican administrations have not been able to. I disagree with people who take the former position, though I can certainly respect them, but I take serious objection to those who take the latter, and this post is intended to address them.
There follows a remarkably clear-sighted analysis of what it is these people are really saying, and why it is morally banal. Highly recommended reading.


Netochka Nezvanova said…
The title "Single Issue?" reminds me of what I heard someone say, that pro-lifers aren't so much single issue voters as that that one issue is a sine qua non.

I consider myself pro-life, and would not vote for Obama because of that issue. However, could one say that based on abortion rates under previous administrations (obviously assuming the statistics are correct, that abortions dropped under Clinton and increased under Reagan), the presidency is unable to sway the abortion issue but able to sway directly another life issue, that of war in Iraq? I guess that would be the most promising line of argument.

Still, one must consider the SCOTUS appointments which will overturn RvW.

When are we going to get some candidates that represent MY views? Electile disfunction (inability to get excited about any of the candidates - if excitement about any of them lasts more than four hours, consult a doctor) indeed.
Scott Carson said…
I think the SCOTUS question is a vitally important one when it comes to the presidency. There is certainly little that presidents can do, other than exercise the bully pulpit, when it comes to abortion policy, but their appointments to the Supreme Court can, and do, make a difference.

Of course, Court appointees can be full of surprises. Just when you think you've got a sympathetic court, they decide to go all strict constructivist on you.

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