Gandalf and Saruman Recite the Creed!

In Quenyan, no less! You can listen to it here.

Sorry about that, folks, I couldn't resist. Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee were not really impersonating BXVI and Bartholomew, it just sounds like they are. Actually, it's the real thing: the real Pope and the real Patriarch, reciting the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed in Greek, not Quenyan, and it is a marvelous thing to hear. Using the original text avoids that whole Filioque thingy.

Thanks to Fr. Kimel for the link.


....I love this.

(and I also love that you noticed the similarity in sound to Tolkien's language!)
Scott Carson said…
So, you probably already know about the Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, then!, I did not!

I am adding it to my few blog-links, though.
cnb said…
Very funny, but surely not as funny as the post I am seeking to elicit by tagging you with this blog meme. I apologize if this is irritating.

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