Curb Your Enthusiasm

This evening I just happened to check in at one of my favorite blogs, Fr. Jeffrey Steel's De Cura Animarum, only to find myself wondering whether it might be possible to both laugh and puke at the same time. Check out this video of the "Liturgy of the Word" segment of something calling itself a "Catholic Mass" in California:

One finds oneself at a loss for words, which is OK in this case since the only words that fit the occasion can't be printed in a family blog. On the other hand, since the thing evidently makes no sense at all, it actually stands as a pretty good argument for bringing back Latin to the liturgy: as long as we no longer care whether anyone can follow what's going on, why not bring back Gregorian Chant?


DimBulb said…
Check out this video of the "Liturgy of the Word"

Typos annoy me. That should read "Liturgy of the Absurd."

And the fact that there is no clown white on the faces of the performers offends me, coming as it does while I'm still in mourning over the death of Bozo the clown, who died for our sins, and was raised for our justification.
Anonymous said…
That uh, yeah . . . I'm at a loss for words.
William said…
You got to give it points for being at least a little entertaining. I certainly got some laughs in.
mjl said…
At least with Latin you had a missal to follow. Here you apparently have to go with the flow, riff on your own, and who knows what else.

Also, since it looks about as complex as the Cirque de Soleil, how did they get all the performers to rehearse ahead of time?

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