Friday, September 16, 2005

Maybe We're Just Picking the Wrong Peers

The other day I lamented, in my roundabout way, Ohio University's fall in the academic rankings, and I suggested that we are not helped any by the fact that we've chosen some rather stiff competition to count among our peer institutions (such as UNC). Maybe we should just pick other institutions to compare ourselves to. Like the University of Arizona, for example. One of my colleagues went to graduate school there.

Now, the University of Arizona is a fine institution, and it has one of the best philosophy departments in the country. (Or so my colleague keeps telling me.) Among other things, they are particularly well known for their program in social and political philosophy, as is evident here. It's good to see that the future of analaytic philosophy is in good hands:
YAY! for beautiful mornings. These last couple of mornings have been gorgeous. Deliriously gorgeous. Blue skies with perhaps a smidgen of clouds, weather in the mid-70’s.

BOO! to Bush. Just because he sucks.

YAY! for a cute little green jacket I bought on sale today. Now it just needs to get cooler outside so I can wear it.

Personally I prefer sunsets, but the green jacket sounds great. Another one of my colleagues--not the one from Arizona--wears one often. I think he wears it because it is the Ohio University color, but every time I see him in it I make it a point to say "George! You won the Masters!"

He's not a golf fan.

Some people have no sense of humor.


Kathy Hutchins said...

Tsk, tsk, Scott. You've gone and made the Arizona philosophette and all her friends very put out. You big right-wing meanie you.

Vitae Scrutator said...

What, did they complain to you about it or something? BOO! to stuffy, overserious leftist grad students!

Tom said...

Well, Platonists. I mean to say.

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