Saturday, September 30, 2006


Bob Sungenis, falling all over himself to try to keep the funds rolling into his Catholic Apologetics International, offers a rambling cri de coeur cum mea culpa, during the course of which he declares:
Third, the present prelature is God’s ordained authority over us and we should show them the honor and respect they deserve, at all times. Although I am greatly dismayed by the behavior of some in our prelature (e.g., the homosexual/pedophile scandal), we must still appreciate that the papacy and its attending bishoprick are God’s supreme gift to the Church, and we must never get to the point (as some in the traditionalist movement have done) that we either ignore the pope, resist his authority over us, or privately depose him from office. As some of you know, I will be in a debate with a sedevacantist on October 16, and I look forward to defending the papacy against this highly erroneous position.
I'm sure the guy means well, but this has certainly got to be one of those cases of With Friends Like These... This is a guy who defends, among other things, geocentrism, at least in part by suggesting that Catholics are required by their faith to accept it. He is also belligerent and uncharitable towards other apologists for the faith. And don't even get me started on his ideas about Jews. You can check them out for yourself here.

As for the parapraxis in the quotation above, well, as Freud might have said, sometimes a typo is just a typo.

Update: The materials from the link above have been removed, but thanks to Google's cache the contents are still available for your perusal. If you don't know how to download them I can send them by email to any interested parties.

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