Now What Do I Do?

Well, I just can't vote for Obama, because I can't vote for someone who won't fight to protect unborn life, nor can I endorse his economic or foreign policy views or any of his plans for domestic programs, etc. etc., but this is a real quandary. How can I not vote for this guy?


Mike L said…

How do you see him answering that red phone at 3 AM? ;-)

Check out my own Obama post.

Vitae Scrutator said…
That shouldn't be a problem, since it's probably just a toy phone!
DimBulb said…
I'd be comfortable with Obama answering a toy telephone in an international emergency.
John Farrell said…
Part of me wishes he did an answer ad, showing him mimicking James Earl Jones into the phone as he intones, "Bring my shuttle."


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