Euthanize By 04-58

The Venerable Bede of Bede's Journal has a great tag line for those "christians" who favor euthanasia: "slapping a 'use-by' date on human beings." Its from a post on the Bishop of Oxford's strange (for him) defense of the traditional teaching on euthanasia. Perhaps the good bishop has been casting an eye towards his own "use-by" label and is now getting a little nervous about what might happen to recalcitrant oldsters who don't want to go away in a state where such things are permitted. Or maybe he's just rented the DVD of Soilent Green. IT'S CLERGY! IT'S CLERGY!


Hello sir!

I have enjoyed following your blog since I found out about it some weeks ago through Professor Pakaluk's Dissoi Blogoi; though I've not yet dared comment on any posts, as I felt rather unequal to the task.

Yes, I am quite pleased with my switch. Though I may still have time to finish a double major while pursuing my honors thesis (being an overachiever of sorts). Pray tell, what motivations were behind your switch from history to philosophy? "Chicks" and "money" sure, but there must have been more to it? I've already been blessed by God with a wonderful woman, but the money has been slow to follow -- an annual Clark tuition bill of $30,000 without room and board isn't too easy on the purse strings these days. I'm hoping there's truth behind the old addage: Do what you love, and the money will follow. What have your experiences been climbing the ranks of academia? What advice could you give to a fledgling philosopher/historian?


P.S. Sorry if my Letters from a Wandering Scholar(in-training) are somewhat superficial and not very 'enlightening,' I've not had much time to post anything good, thoughtful, or controversial, though I hope to sometime in the near future.
P.P.S. Kind of neat that you're an ancient philosopher working in "Athens".

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