Twice the Fun

My lovely wife Lisa has joined me as a "team member" on this blog. Since she's always complaining about all the time I waste blogging it occurred to me that perhaps the best way to avoid her reproachful glances would be to turn the tables on her and make her my partner in crime. Misery loves company after all, and now I can be the one doling out the reproachful glances.

Lisa will be the political arm of our operation--although I love to talk politics I confess my interest is often more theoretical than is to most folks' tastes, so Lisa, whose eyes glaze over whenever I start talking philosophy, will be able to keep the political posts from becoming too boring.

Sadly, the other posts will be just as boring as ever, if not more so, now that the pressure to be less boring is off.


dilexitprior said…
Now, when you're kids join in on the family blog... that's when it'll get really interesting.
dilexitprior said…
Do you want to kindly help me out by providing your insight into Aristotle and the Nichomachean Ethics (Books VIII and IX)? I've just posted on my blog about self-love as necessary for being a good friend. Ok, it's just random thoughts crossing my mind, but intelligent input is definitely appreciated. :-)

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