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I keep popping back over to Jennifer's blog, Confessions of a Wayward Catholic, filled with wonder and awe at God's grace and her courage. Her blog first came to my attention last September, when this crappy little blog was just getting under way and I needed a little inspiration. I noticed that she was contemplating conventual life, so I posted the Latin text of Psalm 132 (133) in her honor--it's all about "How fine and good it is when brothers (I changed the text to "sisters") live together in unity." I had no idea at the time what her struggle consisted in, but I wanted to say something positive to her, something that I found uplifting myself and that I hoped would lift her up. Over the intervening months I have watched her reveal her life and her faith. It has been difficult reading at times: her life has had challenges that my faith could never have survived, but hers did--and to spare.

Jennifer, if you happen to read this--thanks. I was looking for blogging inspiration, but you gave me an entirely different kind. Thank you for being that other kind of inspiration, for lifting me up by the example of your witness. You're the real deal.


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