Science and Religion Again

For someone who has a great deal of interest in science and a great deal of interest in religion, I have remarkably little interest in that domain of inquiry sometimes called "the intersection of science and religion". I myself do not see that they overlap all that much, except in the rather trivial sense that all knowledge, whether scientific or otherwise, is subsidiary to our knowledge of the good, which is God. But I have recently stumbled across a blog that seems to deal in this particular area rather regularly, called starcourse. It is run by the person who is also the webmaster of John Polkinghorne's website. (If you don't know who he is--first of all, shame on you--John Polkinghorne is one of the foremost representatives of this particular domain of inquiry.)

Two items at this blog caught my eye. First is an interesting post claiming to refute some of Richard Dawkins' more egregious howlers. Another is a post that mentions that Alistair McGrath is writing a book to be called The Dawkins Delusion, to be published in February by SPCK. (Again, for those who don't know who Alistair McGrath is--first of all, shame on you--he is a professor of theology at Oxford University and a remarkably good theologian in the reformed tradition who has written extensively on this "intersection of science and religion".)

Update: David Wharton was a friend of mine when I was in graduate school at UNC; now he teaches and blogs from Greensboro, NC. Recently he posted about contemporary scientism, comparing it to similar intellectual trends of over 2000 years ago.


Mike L said…

Spot on as usual. I'll post a response tonight at my own blog.

In the meantime, let me express my wish that I'd known about David Wharton before. I lived in the Greensboro area for more than seven years before moving to Charlotte last summer, but never heard of David. Perhaps my move was premature. ;-)

Scott Carson said…
Thanks, Mike. David is a fairly orthodox, conservative catholic, but he only rarely blogs along those lines. When he does, it's usually pretty good.

I sometimes get down to the Charlotte area myself--perhaps we may run into each other one of these days?

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