Traditionalists, Orthodox, and Benedict

Theo has a very interesting post up at Vivificat regarding the ramifications of a possible "universal indult" for the Mass of the 1962 rubrics. One of possibilities vetted there--the post is really a discussion between Theo and a "traditionalist" friend--is that a return to older forms will somehow impress the Orthdox that the Latin rite is serious about its rites. I'm not sure why that would be the case, or how it would aid in restoring unity, but it's an interesting discussion.


Thank you for the comments and the link! I really appreciate it!

Paul Halsall said…

Orthodox liturgies also undergo change - e.g. the seminary at St Vladimir's has a very much reduced iconostasis. On the other hand its is absolutely the norm in Greek parishes for people to arrive 3/4 through liturgy, and for the choir, priest and congregation to be at different parts of the liturgy.

It is true that some days the most intense sense of Divine presence can be felt, but this is also true of Catholic masses such as the Easter Vigil.

I have plenty of sympathy for people who want to restore some Latin (and its music) to the mass, but no sympathy with those who want to restore the silent canon, the congregation saying rosary during the mass, exposition of the Sacrament on the Altar *while mass was being said*. Nor, for that matter celebrating the easter vigil, to sometime early on Saturday morning.

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