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Lee Faber writes a blog called The Smithy, which is dedicated to scholastic philosophy in a general sort of way but principally to the thought of Blessed Duns Scotus. I've just finished a term working with through the philosophy of Scotus and Ockham with one of the best students I've ever had in 25 years of teaching, and the whole experience was remarkably rewarding, not only because it is always a joy to have the challenge and stimulation of working with a truly bright student but because it gave me the chance (indeed, the rigors of the situation demanded it of me) to work through these great medieval thinkers with much greater care than I ever had done before.

Of particular interest to readers of this crappy blog will be a series of posts at The Smithy having to do with certain Trinitarian issues, such as Procession. You can read them here, here, and here, just for starters. Joe Bob says check it out.


Lee Faber said…
aw, shucks. But thanks for the plug. I suppose I'll have to do better than latlish translations now.
Scott Carson said…
Are you kidding? Those are great!

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