Things Could Be a Lot Worse

I no longer have to attend "churches" like this one, and if I go to Confession frequently and faithfully and sincerely do all of my Penances, perhaps I never will again.


mrsdarwin said…
Oof, that's just ugly.
I'm Orthodox, and I agree, that is *#@& ugly!
CrimsonCatholic said…
You gotta give some kind of warning on that link! It's worse than the L.A. Cathedral!

Yeesh, that was so ugly I cringe just thinking about it. I can't decide what part was worst, although the word "stoplight" immediately springs to mind.
Toby said…
Surely, they do not worship the same God as we. How did they even get away with that?
Toby said…
If you go back to the site (i.e. the Closed Cafeteria blog), you can see before and after pictures of a church that has been "reversed renovated". So there is some hope. They should send this architect to renovate the ugly church of this post.

The link is:
Robert Sheehan said…
I quite liked it, except for the traffic lights and the crucifix (it wasn't one really). The tabernacle is nicely tent like and the altar sure seems solid. I have also always liked science fiction.

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