And They Had Waaaaay More Blacks Than the North!

Jim Tucker has got to be one of the biggest morons in all of Catholic blogdom, but this one really takes the cake:
General Grant and the Expulsion of the Jews -- I didn't realize that General Grant attempted to expel the Jews from Southern areas brought back under Union domination. Nor did I realize that President Lincoln personally rescinded Grant's expulsion order (proving the old saying that even a stopped clock is right twice a day).

We sometimes forget that the Old South was remarkably cosmopolitan for the time and that the Confederacy had Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and Indians among its supporters. I touched on Dixie's forgotten multi-culturalism in this old post.
Yes, those really were the good old multi-cultural days, back when the Darkies were quiet and happy on the old plantation. Funny how "we sometimes forget that". If only we could all jes' git along the way they used to down in ol' Dixie. If it hadna been for that stoopid ol' Lincoln the party would still be a-goin' on today! An' don' fergit: the War o' Northern Aggression wasn't about slavery! It was about anti-semitism!! We uns love them Jews, unless you mean them Israeli ones.

Yep. Plenty to be proud of there.

Thomas Dixon lives.


Anonymous said…
Until today, I thought rather highly you and of your blog. I take offence at your comments about Father James Tucker; first, because I count him among my friends,but also because he is a priest. You manage to engage in civil discourse with others with whom you disagree; I would hope and pray you would manage to do the same with my friend and fellow priest.
Father Richard Ley
Scott Carson said…
Let me get this straight. "Until today" you "thought rather highly" of me and my blog. And this in spite of the fact that I often talk of folks like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris and being "morons". So, apparently, you don't take offense at comments directed at folks who are neither among your friends nor who are priests even when those comments are not civil. So with a single post directed at a person who happens to be a friend of yours, I have entirely done away with all the other posts that so impressed you.

I don't know whether you are really that shallow, or are just a very faithful friend--I'm sure the fact that you are a southerner has nothing to do with it--or perhaps there is some kind of clerical version of the Thin Blue Line out there, but I can assure you that when it comes to this myopic romanticization of the "Old South" that your good friend and fellow priest suffers from there can be no such thing as "civil discourse", because civil discourse is impossible where racism is involved; there is no such thing as a civil statement of the view that he has articulated, and so there can be no such thing as a civil response to it. Attitudes such as his deserve to be shouted down.

Now, as for this man being a priest. This dreamy-eyed longing for one of the most despicable periods in American history would be merely distasteful in a layman, but in a member of the clergy it is vile and disgusting, and I shudder to think about the African Americans who find themselves in the pastoral care of a priest like Jim Tucker. I am quite happy that my own daughter, who is of African American heritage, will never have anything to do with him as long as I have any say in the matter.

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