Ratzinger via Liccione

Dr. Mike Liccione remains the hardest working Catholic blogger in town. Today he has posted a wonderful meditation on some of BXVI's thoughts on the relationship betwenn Scripture and doctrine, with what is, to me, a particularly interesting note on Jewish readings of Scripture.

As usual, highly recommended reading.

Update: There's a rather lively debate going on in the combox to that post now, with particularly challenging and thoughtful responses from Owen the Ochlophobist, who also has a rather lengthy post of his own up on closely related matters.


Mike L said…
Thanks, Scott.

It does seem to have brought out the usual suspects, though—especially that shallow, nasty fellow over at Nicene Truth.

Dim Bulb said…
I battled that "nasty fellow over at Nicene Truth" a few days ago on another site. He hasn't shown up since my last comment. The guy was so dumb (and frustrating) that I decided to break off the discussion, since I was beginning to lose my temper. Surprisingly, he did not respond to my last post. I doubt my mere withdrawal prompted that, since he was posting for the "sake" of all us papist-bound morons. I find myself wondering if he hasn't posted about the discussion of ours on his blog and claimed victory. Such a deceit is an awful thing to speculate upon, yet "that shallow, nasty little fellow" brings out the worst in me, and I have no desire to go to his blog and find out. My disgust with him far outweighs my pride. I may not be the brightest bulb on the chandelier, but that guy has all the light of a spent match.

So, is there a moral to my ramblings? No, just a thanksgiving: Yes!!! He's pestering Mister Liccione rather than me. Life is good! (unless you're Mister L.)
Chris Molter said…
I can't help but feel if the combined mental might of Liccione, Carson, Tighe, and Prejean were ever brought to bear against the Nicene Truth/EgoMakarios types, they'd pretty much wither away.

Until then, I'll just keep rolling my eyes and scroll on down when they post.
Jay Dyer said…
Yeah, sure. I'm so dumb that I've read Denzinger and the Summa and spent five years in the Fathers. And is that why you "broke it off" when I left a challenge to an open debate? The challenge still stands. The debate topic will be whether Ratzinger is orthodox or a complete heretic, compared with previous Catholic teaching.

Jay Dyer

Jay Dyer said…
I have retracted my errors. Please forgive my arrogance and rashness.



in christ,

jay Dyer

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