Lord, When Were You Needy and I Didn't Help You?

If, like me, you find yourself constantly strapped for cash and wondering how you're going to manage to get Christmas gifts for your children, you can perhaps console yourself by imagining how lucky you are that you're not wondering how you're going to manage to get to see your children at all for Christmas. The friends and admirers of Dr. Michael Liccione (in whose number I feel privileged to be able to count myself) can rejoice with him in the birth of his new granddaughter, but we must, at the same time, grieve with him that the vicissitudes of life have made it extremely unlikely that he will be able to see this new grandchild any time soon.


Aspiciens autem Iesus dixit illis: "Apud homines hoc impossibile est, apud Deum autem omnia possibilia sunt."

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