James L. P. Butrica, R. I. P.

I learned today of the passing of James Butrica, a professor of classics at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Educated at Amherst and the University of Toronto, he specialized in Latin and Greek elegiac poetry, and Latin paleography and textual criticism. I did not know him personally, but he was a frequent contributor to an online classics discussion forum, where his was one of only a very few consistently intelligent voices. I did not agree with all of his views, but I was always impressed by his measured wit and seemingly infinite capacity for respectful dialogue. I have no idea whether he was a religious person, but I pray that God's grace will not be lost on a man who was himself so very graceful.


Ron said…
Dr. Carson:

I have only just found this post and wanted to say that I was a friend of Jim's from the early 1980's until the late 90's. I only heard about his death a month after it ocurred. Jim was an impressive academic and had a keen mind although his approach to interpersonal interaction might have been described as irascible. Jim was not a man to suffer fools gladly. However he was always patient and kind with his students and encouraged them to take a creative approach to their studies in the Classics.

Thanks for this posting.


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