Pius XII and Vatican Files

The folks at the Society That Thinks Pope Pius XII Rules have given us the text of a story about the status quaestionis in re Pope Pius XII and the Vatican records regarding his Pontificate. Read it here.


Paul Halsall said…
These attacks on Pius XII have been wrongheaded from the beginning. Almost noone knew Pacelli better than Paul VI, and he faced down all the attacks - most of which began with a German play by Rolf Hochhuth in 1963.

Peter Hebblethwaite was both an ex-Jesuit and a well-known liberal Catholic. His biography on Paul VI - Paul VI: The First Modern Pope - really does address this issue as well as anyone.
Scott Carson said…
I haven't seen the Hebblethwaite book, but I'll have a look at it--it sounds encouraging.

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