Magisterium and Private Judgment

There is a fine metathread up at Pontifications: the Pontificator has collected together the comments--all of them, apparently--and other contributions to the blog by Mike Liccione, one of my favorite bloggers and Catholic philosophers, having to do with the relationship between magisterial teaching and private judgments. The resulting PDF file can be accessed here. I've downloaded a copy for permanent storage on my hard drive.

What they ought to do is make an audio file of it available so one could listen to it while driving--no dozing off under those conditions!


Mike L said…
Thanks for the plug, Scott!

I've thought about doing a podcast, but the audience for what I like to talk about is pretty limited to begin with, and they're not the sort to carry I-Pods around. Heck, some of them still haven't got comfortable with computers.

I await refinement of your advice ;-)

Scott Carson said…
Maybe you should just do it the (relatively) old fashioned way: have somebody record it onto audio tape! I'd offer to do it myself, but of course the whole point of this is that I want to listen to it myself while I drive. So see if you can get somebody like Alexander Scourby or Jonathan Prebble and get back to me!

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