Martyrology Returning Soon

A couple folks have asked about the daily lectio from the Martyrologium Romanum. In making the move to Beta Blogger I managed to lose the code I had written that was providing that, and it will be a day or two before I can put it back in. For those of you who can't wait, however, here is the selection for tomorrow:
Die 12 octobris
Quarto Idus octobris. Luna: 19

1. Romae via Laurentina, sancti Hedisti, martyris.

9*. Londinii in Anglia, beati Thomae Bullaker, presbyteri ex Ordine Fratrum Minorum et martyris, qui sub rege Carolo Primo, in ipsa Missa celebranda comprehensus, propter sacerdotium Tyburni laqueo suspensus est et adhuc spirans evisceratus occubuit.
Thanks to the British Crown for this cheerful image for the day.


Andrew said…
I don't know whether you tolerated insufferable pedantry in the unmoderated days, but the martyr suffered under the English crown (much as its wearer was also King of Scotland and Lord of Ireland), not the British crown which didn't exist until 1707.
Scott Carson said…
Don't be silly: insufferable pedantry is my favorite kind--it's what I'm best at myself!

Thanks for the correction!

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