More on Torture

Principally in response to I. Shawn McElhinney of Rerum Novarum, Dr. Mike Liccione of Sacramentum Vitae has posted a response to many--if not all--of the salient points at issue in the torture debate. I had been thinking long and hard about a response of my own to Shawn, since he posted an excellent rebuttal to my own position, but now that Mike has posted I find that I have little, if anything, to add to what he has to say at Sacramentum Vitae, and I invite readers to check out the argument for themselves.


It took a while to get around to finishing it but here is my response to Dr. Liccione:

On Torture, the Limitations of Dignitatis Humanae, Logic, Etc.:
A Response to Dr. Michael Liccione

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