Another Really Great Use of Science

Today I got an announcement from Princeton University Press for a new book by John Harris called Enhancing Evolution: The Ethical Case for Making People Better. Here is the description that came in the announcement:
Decisive biotechnological interventions in the lottery of human life--to enhance our bodies and brains and perhaps irreversibly change our genetic makeup--have been widely rejected as unethical and undesirable, and have often met with extreme hostility. But in Enhancing Evolution, leading bioethicist John Harris dismantles objections to genetic engineering, stem-cell research, designer babies, and cloning to make a forthright, sweeping, and rigorous ethical case for using biotechnology to improve human life.

"[Harris] challenges conventional thinking about genetic engineering, stem-cell research, designer children and other concepts that make most people uneasy."--Richard Ha licks, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
I think the Nazis already tried this, but they were bad people; I'm sure that if really super enlightened people, you know, like the "Brights" and, say, experts in "bioethics", were in charge of things, we could really "improve human life". They could start by finding a way to engineer the human genome so that we are born with brains hard-wired in such a way as to make religious belief impossible.

I wonder if he's any relation to Sam Harris?


John Farrell said…
Oh, boy. It will be interesting to see how the various ScienceBloggers greet this book.


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