Budweiser is Better Beer Anyway

The Catholic League is calling for a boycott of Miller Beer, and I fully support them. I'm such a radical--I love boycotts. Off the establishment! I'm sick and tired of being hassled by the man!

In the present case, there are two very good reasons to support the boycott beyond the pure thrill of it. First, Miller Beer has historically bent over backwards to avoid offending certain groups, including Muslims, but they have no problem giving their full advertising endorsement to an event that is blatantly anti-Christian and arguably extremely offensive to most decent folks. There are some really sick dudes involved, but you gotta love that giant ice-phallus.

Second, Miller Beer sucks. Budweiser, the American knock-off of the really wonderful Czech beer Czechvar, is much better if one insists on drinking the swill that is American mass-produced light lager (though you should drink Czechvar if you can get it--it's a real beer). Even Michael Jackson called it a classic. No, not the Michael Jackson who probably wishes he could attend the Folsom Street Fair, the Michael Jackson who was, until he died recently, the eminent beer critic.


John Farrell said…
"This Bud's for you." Actually, I'm not much of a beer drinker, but I do like a Corona with lime once in a while, and my in-laws from Montreal like a Danish beer called Faxe, which I enjoy, too.

So, screw Miller.

CrimsonCatholic said…
Man, American beers are dropping like flies. I'm one of several Catholics boycotting Sam Adams over their "Sex for Sam" stunt in St. Patrick's Cathedral. (See this post).

I was always more of a Bud guy anyway on account of being a bayou boy. Anheuser-Busch was a top consumer of Louisiana rice, but come crawfish season, we couldn't wait to give the money right back to them. I don't know what it is about cold Budweiser and boiled crawfish, but cher, dat's some good eatin!
Paul Hamilton said…
Being a St. Louis native, you can all be certain of where my loyalties lie in the war between mass produced generic lagers. Nothing says St. Louis like Budweiser and Cardinal's baseball. Even so, Budweiser is only the second best brewery in St. Louis, behind Schlafly's.
Tom said…
As a practical matter, if a brewery can afford to advertise, there's probably a justifiable reason to boycott their beer.

Alas, I can't join the Miller boycott, since I don't drink Miller. But I swore off Sam Adams at the time of the St. Patrick's offense, at a personal cost of occasionally having to drink Heineken.
Darwin said…
I can proudly state that I have never to my knowledge bought a Miller.

Of course, I'm not sure that I've ever bought a Bud either...

If I have to buy a mass produced beer, I go local and get a Shiner Bock (which as every billboard assures us all is tested on and approved by the people of Shiner, TX).

However one brew I can definitely commend to you, Scott, based on both quality and label is Three Philosophers, a Belgian Quadrupal style ale available in 750ml bottles -- a quantity which probably only Socrates could down without visible effect.
Scott Carson said…
I've seen that Three Philosophers beer when visiting Ann Arbor, but have always been too chicken to try it (who wants to down all that beer if one doesn't like it?). So now I'll check it out, on your recommendation.

I can recommend in turn Brasserie Castelain's Blonde Biere de Garde, though I suspect you've probably already tried it.
Oddly (or maybe not--given that saki is made from a sorta grain) Japanese beer is pretty good.

I'm hooked on Kirin, personally, but asahi (sp?) is pretty good, too.
Scott Carson said…
I love Kirin beer. I even order it at Chinese restaurants, which seems a little like cheating somehow, but it's usually the best beer available at such places.
Anonymous said…
Like beer?

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