Bibliophile Alert

The LibraryThing is totally cool. It's free for catalogues of up to 200 books but if, like me, you have well over 5000 books in your house, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $10. Well worth it, I'd say, for all the information it will put at your fingertips quickly and easily! Entering books is easy: all you need is the ISBN, and it fills in everything else for you (except for tags, which are user-defined).

It's not just for the anally-retentive, either: the information could be quite valuable in case of theft, fire, or other damage to your collection.


Darwin said…
Hmmm. I likes it.

Though who it the world has under 200 books? I think I'm pretty sure I had nearly 1000 by the time I got married, and it keeps going up.

Of course, there's the difficulty of the books that are too old to have ISBNs, but I guess that's where the good old fashioned data entry skills come in...
Scott Carson said…
Yes, it's too bad when the ISBN is missing, but you can also type in any LC search phrases and it can usually find the book somewhere--the developer is linking it to other catalogues around the globe and eventually, it seems to me, there will be little to do at this end other than assign your own tags.
Steven said…
Dear Mr. Carson,

Yes, I noted this discovery a while back and have been an enthusiastic admirer of the energy of the developer as he brings out more and more features. I've not yet upgraded, but that's because I must carefully discern whether I really want to take the step of entering a 20,000+ book library into any database, however elegantly designed and engineered.

But keep spreading the word. The whole world should use this engine if they can! I'm sure the provider would be most gratified.



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