Don't Go Away Mad, Just...

As the Three Stooges used to say. Apparently the Head Bloggo over at In The News was upset by my portrayal of his position yesterday (you can read his response in the comments to that post). The irony, of course, is that it wasn't really him that I was trying to irritate, as the title of the post was supposed to indicate. However, given that I irritated him, I apologize, and I suppose it was very naughty of me to be trying to irritate anybody in the first place. What can I say? I'm just a wascally wabbit.

After perusing his blog for a while, I decided that I was right about one thing: nobody should go there to learn about what the Church teaches. However, I think it is clear from his blog that he is a very sincere Christian who does the best he can to live what he believes to be the principles of his faith. I certainly recognize the value in that, even though my own opinion is that it is necessary to have a properly formed conscience if one is to live the Roman Catholic faith successfully. Clearly, however, there is plenty of room in the blogosphere for folks like him, and like me, to discuss the faith and how to live it in this world, and I admire him for trying so hard.


Mike L said…

I shall take up the cudgels in the near future!

Scott Carson said…

Go for it! My cudgels are all blunted.


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