For the Cause

Speaking of Mark Shea, if you value the apologetics that he does for rock solid orthodoxy in the Catholic faith, please consider helping him out with a monetary donation. Folks like him--intelligent, articulate, orthodox--are hard to come by, and few are able to devote their full attention to apologetics the way he does. He is a witness not only to the content of our faith, but also to its appeal since, as a convert, he serves as a beacon to those are are struggling in other denominations. As a convert myself, I find his voice often to have a comforting ring to it.

I don't know Mark Shea from any context other than his blog, and I don't think he knows me at all--I don't think he even reads my blog, so I'm not doing this at his request or out of some sense of loyalty or payback. I just think he, and the cause, deserve it.


Mark said…
Thanks very much! By a strange coincidence, one of my closest friends in the world is on faculty at Ohio U. His name is T. David Curp and he's in the history dept. He just wrote the cover story for Crisis this month (on slavery). You guys might like each other!
Scott Carson said…

My pleasure--it's good to be able to help you out (though I doubt that my blog has much readership, or that what readership it has has much money!).

You're the second person to mention T. David Curp--I do know him by sight, but we've never talked. I'm going to go introduce myself now that he's been recommended to me two times by folks I resepct!

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